Watermelon: Summer’s sweetest treat!!

I LOVE a good watermelon in the summer!!   You are at your favorite supermarket and they have watermelon on sale.  You purchase one or two (or more!), practically salivating all the way home, looking forward to taking your first bite into that juicy, sweet fruit!  When my dogs see and hear me cutting into my watermelon, they are practically salivating, as well.  They know they will also be treated to this luscious fruit.

What??  You can feed watermelon to your dogs??

Yes!  They love it as much as we do.  Just make sure you remove all the seeds, as they can cause intestinal blockage.  Giving them the rind is also not advisable.  It can cause gastrointestinal problems.  The fruit is filled with vitamins A, B6,  and C, and potassium, according to (who knew there was a website strictly on watermelon??) states there are approximately 50 calories in a cup, and 92% water, so the alternative for hydration is a sweet one.

For a list of fruits and veggies that are safe to feed your dogs, please click on this link:

Summer will be over before we know it, and watermelon will be gone until next year!  So happy eating!!



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