Why hire a professional pet sitter?

You might have had a conversation like this:

You: “So, you’re leaving for vacation next week!  How exciting!  Have you hired a pet sitter for your pets?”

Friend: “Well, I have Charlie down the street coming over.  He’s 10 years old, and is trying to earn money.”

You: “Why didn’t you hire a PROFESSIONAL pet sitter?”

Friend: “Why would I pay someone more money when I can just get Charlie to do it?”

The internet is flooded with sites like,, with folks offering to care for your pets at a lower price you would get from a professional pet sitter.  There are also neighborhood children who offer to walk your dog for $5.  Why shouldn’t anyone take these folks up on their offer?  Why not get someone cheaper?  Good question!

A professional pet sitter is insured and bonded.  They are members of professional organizations like PSI, Pet Sitters International.  PSI offers numerous webinars and articles that members have unlimited access to, therefore we are always learning new things about breeds, animal behavior, things to watch for when caring for pets (such as regular bowel movements, urinating frequently, are they eating/drinking enough?), etc.  Also, we are certified in pet first aid/cpr.

Would a neighborhood child or non-professional know what to do if they got to your home and your cat had unexpectedly passed away?  Or if your dog was laying on the floor, panting, lethargic, can’t get up?  Would they be able/willing to get the pet to a vet?  What if they were walking your dog and a dog running loose attacked your dog?  We, as the professionals always expect the unexpected.  We know how to act in the event of an emergency.  

As your professional pet sitter, we develop a strong bond with your furbabies.  We come to love them as we love our own. We worry when they become sick, we laugh when they’re being silly, we cry when they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.  They become an extension of our family.

I hope this helps you to know what to say to family, friends, and neighbors who consider going the “cheap” route.  During meet and greets, I mention these things and people say “Oh, yeah, good point, I hadn’t thought of that.” when I mention the different scenarios that may happen.  

Don’t your furbabies deserve QUALITY care?

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